Product Review: Halo 3

Halo 3 is the third instalment of the Halo franchise originally created by Bungie and now being made by 343 Industries. The game is a first-person shooter set in the far future which focuses on a 'Spartan', which is a superhuman, called Master Chief. This game is exclusive to Xbox and focuses mainly on the... Continue Reading →


Product Review: SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky is a snowboarding game and the second in the sports franchise. The game focuses on the player competing in races using a character of their choice against NPC's in order to win all races possible. Multiple game modes are available to be played such as the standard race format, and the 'trick' game... Continue Reading →

Self-Initiated Project: Hanger

The third and final goal of my project is to create a hanger that will be used as the base of operationsĀ for the player housing all the different vehicles in the game that they have collected. it also works as a unique way of showing off the different vehicles I have made at the end... Continue Reading →

Creative Futures: Rendering and Shader Library

Shader Library Research When first reading the title 'Shader Library' I instantly thought it was literal and talking about the shadows that are cast by the use of lights in engine. Originally the term shader actually meant a type of computer program that was used for shading. This included production of lighting, generating or fixing... Continue Reading →

Contexts: Industry Research

Jobs within the Industry To help further my understanding of how work is done within the industry I started to look at different companies and specifically the role I wish to enter in the industry which is either an environment artist/3D artist or vehicle artist. The major company that I looked at was Cloud Imperium.... Continue Reading →

Heritage: Final Interior

The interior of the project was completed using assets from different members of the group, trying to clutter the space with useful materials such as wood and gems, and with equipment that Lorenzetti would have used. This was to give the project life, making it look like the artist had been working in here and... Continue Reading →

Self-Initiated Project: Vehicle Upgrades

With the vehicles finished I could begin working on the upgrades. To maintain a players state of flow the player would gain upgrades which improved their vehicles as they progress and as the difficulty got harder. These vehicles upgrades also fit into the operant conditioning theory as the player has to collect the materials for... Continue Reading →

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