Heritage: Presentation Format

The heritage project is going to be shown to the public after completion, and can be done in various different ways whether is an Interactive Walk through, a VR experience or just a simple video fly through. 360 Video One of the many options of displaying is 360 video. This is where a person can... Continue Reading →


Fantasy Portfolio

To help gain an idea of how I want to have my portfolio to look when I begin making it I decided to create a rough mockup in photoshop based on the ArtStation layout. The pieces of work that are shown in this mockup are by artists that I find inspiring and I share an... Continue Reading →

Self Initiated Project: Finished Jet Racer

Research When researching into modern planes and their history. Obviously, planes are easily recognizable and always consist of two wings, the main body and then various visible ways of how it works such as engines or propellers. Over the years jets has slowly become sleeker so that they are Aero-dynamic therefore to continue with this... Continue Reading →

Games Theory: Product Review

Product Review The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild is the 2017 addition to the popular Legend of Zelda franchise available only on Nintendo Consoles. This game is a third person Role playing game set in the land of Hyrule where the objective of the game is to stop the... Continue Reading →

Heritage: Using Unreal Engine

Visualising in the Work Space To give a slight idea of the different ways that the final product could be shown when the client received it I decided to make a few rough edits in photoshop that show how it could be viewed in a museum. Two the edits show how it could simply be... Continue Reading →

Level Design

Workload IN the industry the amount of workload the employees must take can vary depending on the company they are working at. at a large 'Triple-A' company such as 'Rockstar' or 'Ubisoft', there would be multiple teams that have different roles in the workplace. For example, there would be one group of employees that are... Continue Reading →

Self-Initiated: Vehicle Research

Speeder Jet: Since the speeder will be used for racing it will be a simple aerodynamic design with large engines to show the power and speed that it has. Historical Jets- The design of planes and jets has remained fairly similar throughout the years with little advances due to technology. Since the first designs of... Continue Reading →

Game Theories: Categories of Play

These four categories define the different types of games. Caillois defines play as activities with the characteristics of being "free", "separate", "uncertain", "unproductive", rule-bound, and/or "make-believe", and constructs his classification of games into four main categories: agôn (competition), alea (chance), mimicry (simulation), and ilinx (vertigo), which are further refined by a game's leaning towards paidia... Continue Reading →

Level Design: Research

In level design it is split into 4 different categories which involve the planning and designing itself.  The categories are planning/pre-production, Gameplay, Visual, technical.  The four categories allow a solid workflow that will mean that the creator always knows what they are doing and will know how to handle a problem when they reach one.... Continue Reading →

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